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Closing in on eclipse

Suddenly the day has come. The day when you stop saying hi to friends on the streets until they are so close you can touch them. The day you start to wonder if you somehow have slipped into to a constant hang-over as the double-sight from last nights party hasn’t  disappeared a week later. The day the letters in your 5-years old picture book seem to get smaller every sentence you read. The day your eyes has realized they have turned 43 (about 3/4 of a year later) and as everybody knows, I read in the opticians very practical folder (if you would have had it at 38) this is the year you will be degraded from clear-eyed super man vision to smudge eye on the final journey to the total eclipse. Well, better dress up those smudged blue until that fatal moment!

Well spent 3 hours on town checking out the possibilities of a good looking life behind obstacles left me with 3 options:

1. Dior (or as I would say – too cool for school! look)


2. Tiger (the well known oh! so hipster look)


3. The No Brand (the librarian type of look and may I add Caspar 8 years favorite)





Which one do you prefer?

Photo: All on a short-/over sighted & astigmatic but still very happy Bella Helene Stevenberg (did I get this correct?!).

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september 3rd, 2013 at 11:00 f m

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